The SAMAJAM Kids & Family Participatory Music Show
is an innovative, energizing and educative musical participatory experience for kids and families.

The concept of the Show is unique in the world: Each audience member receives a SAMAJAM Music Bag full of percussion instruments to become THE performing musician of the show. With more than 80% active participation time, they create collectively music songs and games, along with the performers and with our musical SAMAJAM Video Games.

The show has been presented more than 1200 times in the last three years.
For the next year, we are planning to tour 7/10 countries, with 8 touring casts around the world on land… and at sea!

The SAMAJAM Kids & Family Participatory Music Show is aiming primarily to entertain the whole family all together, with more that 80% active, fun, energic and educational musical participation time for the audience!

Furthermore, to offer a great flexibility for maximizing the programming pacification of Promoters and partners, this show is also easily adapted to kids-only audiences or even adults-only audiences.


The audience members actively play during the show by receiving several percussion instruments, included in the SAMAJAM Musical Bag.

The SAMAJAM Performers will guide the kids and families throughout the Show to rapidly learn and collectively play each instrument.

The show is a unique and powerful collective musical experience, supported by many live interactive and innovative SAMAJAM Musical Video Games.

> Kids and families: Let’s learn to play all together the songs Brother John, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, or even the great Beethoven’s Ode of Joy using the SAMAJAM Musical Tubes!

The SAMAJAM Kids & Family Participatory Music Show is a fun-filled, energizing and educational show. The kids and family learn together about:

  • The basic of Music Theory
  • Counting the Whole note, the Half note, the Quarter note, etc.
  • Playing the melodic scale (Do, Re, Mi, Fa and Sol)
  • Well-known musical rhythms from several countries with The SAMAJAM Musical World Tour
  • Playing three percussion music instruments: The Tambourines, the Sticks and the SAMAJAM Musical Tubes, as well as an initiation of Body percussion
  • … And basic English language for music (in non-English countries)

Small and large Theaters | Amusement parks | Cruising ships | Outdoor | Special sport + corporate events… and even schools!

> 30 | 60 | 75 | 90 minutes versions available

With just a few hours’ notice to the artists, this show is easily adapted for various audiences, whether just for kids, families and/or adults-only… all while keeping the same team, projections, costumes and pace.

For the kid’s version, we amplify the experience with added educational segments.

The SAMAJAM success story: